Fuxiao Liu

Fuxiao Liu
Hi! I'm a 1st-year CS Ph.D at University of Maryland, College Park, working with Abhinav Shrivastava and Yaser Yacoob. Before that, I worked in the Vision, Language, and Learning Lab in UVa, supervised by Vicente Ordonez-Roman.
My research interest is vision and language. I previously worked on news image captioning. Now I focus more on multimodal semantic learning, including multimodal retrieval, fake news detection and multimodal mismatch.
My resume is here. Email: fl3es@umd.edu
  1. Visual News: Benchmark and Challenges in News Image Captioning
    Fuxiao Liu, Yinghan Wang, Tianlu Wang, Vicente Ordonez
    EMNLP 2021 (~Oral presentation) [paper] [code] [bibtex]
    Descriptions: Introduced VisualNews, the largest and most diverse news image captioning dataset. Proposed VisualNews-Captioner, increasing CIDEr by 10+ points with fewer parameters than competing methods.
  2. A Novel Lightweight Semantic Segmentation Network in Remote Sensing
    Fuxiao Liu, Ming Wu
    Bachelor Thesis, 2019 [paper]
    Descriptions: Developed a novel lightweight Fully Convolutional Network, which achieved better accuracy with much smaller model size(20.2M) than baseline models(117.8 M) on two Remote Sensing Datasets.
  1. Deep Learning Network Embedding with Regular Equivalence
    Advisor: Prof. Jundong Li, 2019
    Keywords: Deep Learning, Graph Embedding
    Descriptions: Designed an Auto-Encoder based on the attention mechanism and LSTM to learn role information from the multi-hop neighborhoods. Experimented on American Air Traffic Network dataset, increased the accuracy by 0.03 compared to the baseline algorithms.
More About Myself
    I'm crazy about basketball since I was a little boy. I love it for its ultimate technical and mentality requirements. No one in the world can become a master without great talent and extensive training. My favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant, who is noted for his rapid playing style, strong will, and his ambivalent relationship with the sport. I am always immersed in his phenomenal performance in the game.